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May 20, 2022
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May 20, 2022
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Christian Nutt

Christian Nutt is Blog Director of Gamasutra. Prior to joining the Gamasutra team in 2007, he contributed to numerous video game publications such as GamesRadar, Electronic Gaming Monthly, The Official Xbox Magazine, GameSpy and more.

You can follow him on twitter @ferricide. His email is [email protected].

Features by Christian Nutt:
Best of 2014: Gamasutra's Top Games of the Year [12.22.14]
Q&A: New AAA studio from 2K Games all about players' stories [12.04.14]
Stalled engine: The TurboGrafx-16 turns 25 [09.12.14]
Gamasutra Explains: The YouTuber Phenomenon [07.31.14]
'Roguelikes': Getting to the heart of the it-genre [05.21.14]
Hack-Man: An interview with Watch Dogs' creative director [04.23.14]
Understanding the successful relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV [04.18.14]
Diversity, communication, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf [04.02.14]
What's next for Puzzle & Dragons and GungHo? [03.28.14]
Making Knack: An interview with Mark Cerny [12.20.13]
Game developers reflect on a changed console landscape [11.21.13]
How Tale of Tales lets creativity, collaboration rule game development [10.16.13]
Chris Roberts on Star Citizen Crowdfunding Success, and Why He Doesn't Want a Publisher [09.26.13]
A New Pokémon for a New Era [09.19.13]
Puppeteer: A macabre fairy tale game made 'the Japanese way' [09.10.13]
A Conversation with Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey [09.03.13]
Developers Speak Out: Why Microconsoles? [08.28.13]
Getting from Modern War to the Future of Video Games [08.14.13]
20 Years of Mana: Secret of Mana's Enduring Influence [08.09.13]
Going Platinum: Bayonetta 2, combat design and the Nintendo angle [08.06.13]
An Inviting Mini-World: How Nintendo Made Animal Crossing [06.20.13]
Dean Hall Discusses DayZ's Development Process [05.24.13]
Killer & Dragons: The GungHo and Grasshopper Interview [05.17.13]
Inside the PlayStation 4 With Mark Cerny [04.24.13]
Making a Game the Nintendo Way - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon [04.12.13]
The Rise of the Mobile Collectible Card Game [02.14.13]
The Storytelling Secrets of Virtue's Last Reward [01.11.13]
Amnesia Fortnight: How Double Fine Embraces the Future [01.04.13]
The Mobile Transition: Why Facebook Developers Are Making the Shift [12.03.12]
Rebooting Lara: Rhianna Pratchett on Writing for Tomb Raider [11.19.12]
The Tightrope Walk: Hitman Absolution, Freedom, and Realism [11.02.12]
What Would Geralt Do? Witcher 2's Approach to Choice and Decision [10.29.12]
From DICE to Danger Close: The Man Who Changed Medal of Honor [10.24.12]
Funcom's Vision for the Future of MMOs [10.15.12]
Making Kratos More Human [10.08.12]
Shaping the Future of Facebook as a Game Platform [10.04.12]
Pokemon's Secret Ingredient [10.01.12]
Peter Molyneux: Everything's Changing [09.28.12]
How Resident Evil 6 Happens [09.21.12]
Inafune's Onward March to Independence [09.18.12]
The Media Molecule Identity [09.14.12]
How DICE Does It [09.10.12]
Devil May Cry: Born Again [09.07.12]
Big Ideas: Video Games According to David Cage [08.27.12]
Secret Knowledge from the Future [08.13.12]
The Guts of Gearbox [07.23.12]
Not Really Artists: The Creative Team Behind Dishonored [07.20.12]
The Indie Reality in 2012 and Beyond, According to Arkedo [07.02.12]
How Sleeping Dogs Tackles Open World Design [06.29.12]
Charging at the Challenges of Kinect [06.25.12]
How Do You Put the Sim in SimCity? [06.22.12]
The Secrets of Brutality: God of War's Combat Design [06.11.12]
Beyond Heavy Rain: David Cage on Interactive Narrative [05.25.12]
Kratos' Boss: The Studio Head of Sony Santa Monica Speaks [05.21.12]
The Inclusive Design of Kim Swift [05.04.12]
How Creative Assembly's Process Breeds Quality [04.30.12]
Following Your Instincts: Developing Darksiders II [04.16.12]
The Structure of Fun: Learning from Super Mario 3D Land's Director [04.13.12]
'No Bullshit': The Management Style Behind Deus Ex: HR's Success [04.09.12]
Inafune: The Hope of the Japanese Industry? [03.23.12]
Unity's Future In High-Definition [02.29.12]
Emotional Poems: Mizuguchi's Expanding Future [02.27.12]
Hanging in Limbo [02.24.12]
The Vita Interview [02.21.12]
David Jaffe and the Language of Interactivity [02.13.12]
Building the World of Reckoning [02.06.12]
Talking the Future of Minecraft [01.27.12]
Games That Can't Be Duplicated: Arc System Works' Ishiwatari Speaks [01.23.12]
The Trouble with Typecasting: Starbreeze, Syndicate, and the Future [01.20.12]
The Verge of Change: Ben Cousins on Founding Ngmoco Sweden [01.16.12]
A 30 Year Fantasy: The Story of Falcom's Resurgence [01.06.12]
Led By A Love Of Games: Team Ninja's Hayashi Speaks [12.23.11]
An Engine For Assassination: IO's Tech Director Speaks [12.09.11]
The Man Who Won't Leave Sega: Toshihiro Nagoshi [12.07.11]
The 'Military Nut' Behind Devil's Third Takes Aim [12.02.11]
The God King's Revenge: Building Infinity Blade II [11.30.11]
Building A Fantasy World - The Art Direction Of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning [11.28.11]
A Pivotal Moment: Quantic Dream's de Fondaumičre [11.21.11]
Passionate Frustration: Tale Of Tales' Dark Journey [11.11.11]
Hard Edge Creativity: Defining Borderlands 2 [11.07.11]
The Story Behind The Making Of Prince Of Persia [11.04.11]
A New Journey: Building War In The North [10.31.11]
Social Killer: How DeNA Leads Japan's Market [10.28.11]
Gameloft's Quest To Be The Mobile Leader [10.26.11]
Hit Squad: Building Battlefield 3 Organically [10.24.11]
Much More Than Naruto: Catching Up With CyberConnect 2 [10.18.11]
Fighting A Social Battle: Toshiro Tsuchida Goes GREE [10.14.11]
A Big Change For Soulcalibur V: The Tago Interview [10.10.11]
Two Tendrils Of Resident Evil's Evolution [10.07.11]
Watch As It All Evolves: Tameem Antoniades Speaks [10.05.11]
A Journey Into The Dark [09.30.11]
The Thatgamecompany Way [09.26.11]
Emerging Patterns: Charting EVE Online's Evolution [09.23.11]
The End Of A Saga: Cliff Bleszinski On Gears Of War 3 [09.19.11]
Interview: The Secrets Of Wooga's Social Game Success [09.16.11]
SpyParty And The Indie Ethos: Chris Hecker Speaks [09.09.11]
Ambitious Plans: The Marriage of EVE and Dust [09.02.11]
The Valve Way: Gabe Newell And Erik Johnson Speak [08.29.11]
A Cyber-Renaissance In Art Direction [08.22.11]
Bearing Witness [08.08.11]
The Man Every Facebook Developer Wants To Know [07.27.11]
From Ninja To Viking: Tomonobu Itagaki Speaks [07.25.11]
The Man In Charge Of Reshaping Square Enix's U.S. Division [07.22.11]
Japan's Biggest Social Player Turns Its Eyes On the U.S. [07.15.11]
How Sid Meier Civilized Social Gaming [07.07.11]
The Solitary Creativity of Pixel [07.01.11]
Peter Molyneux On Building The Future [06.27.11]
Shadows Of The Damned And The Global Revamp Of Grasshopper Manufacture [06.20.11]
25 Years Of Dragon Quest: An Interview With Yuji Horii [05.27.11]
The Complicated Workings of The Witcher 2 [05.17.11]
On The Brink Of Change [05.10.11]
A Decade On, Halo Charts Its Course [05.02.11]
Years After: The Final Fantasy IV Interview [04.19.11]
Infinity Blade: A New Era Of Games [04.11.11]
Steve Swink On The Art Of Experimental Games [04.08.11]
Virtuos: Setting The Record Straight On Outsourcing [04.04.11]
Fixing Final Fantasy XIV: The Yoshida Interview [04.01.11]
Rift: Building A New Realm [03.28.11]
Inciting The Mobile Revolution [03.24.11]
Leading The 3DS Charge: An Interview With Hideki Konno [03.21.11]
Forty-Five Minutes With Five Minutes [03.18.11]
EVE Online: The Next Steps [03.11.11]
The Rise Of Dragon Age II [02.25.11]
Bill Roper: Making MMOs Work Again [02.14.11]
Schafer Admits Fantasy Of Flatulence On Youth [02.11.11]
Bill Roper: Reflections on Hellgate [02.07.11]
A Philosophy That Extends Eastward: Social Games Zynga-Style [02.04.11]
Pursuing A New MMO Style [12.20.10]
Creating A Glitch In the Industry [12.17.10]
Peering At The Future: Jesse Schell Speaks [12.03.10]
Social The CrowdStar Way [11.15.10]
Entering the Battlefield: Building Homefront To Compete [11.12.10]
Secrets Of The Apocrypha: El Shaddai's Director Speaks [10.25.10]
Flying With Four Engines: Tim Schafer On Double Fine's New Mission [10.15.10]
The Unity 3 Interview [10.11.10]
An Industry In Flux: Akira Yamaoka Speaks [10.08.10]
The Nuts And Bolts Of Fable III [10.05.10]
A Complex Journey: Ninja Theory's Enslaved [09.17.10]
Birthday Memories: Sony PlayStation Turns 15 [09.09.10]
Deus Ex: The Human Question [09.03.10]
City of Heroes: Secrets To Six Years Of Success [08.19.10]
Io Style: 'We Just Want To Entertain People' [08.17.10]
Demiurge's Road To Creativity [07.30.10]
Square Enix in 2010: President Wada Speaks [07.12.10]
Alexey Pajitnov - Tetris: Past, Present, Future [06.28.10]
Halo: Reach - The Beta Story [06.25.10]
True Evolution: A Peter Molyneux Interview [06.07.10]
Q-Time For Q-Games [05.31.10]
The Rise Of Capy Games [05.24.10]
The Sony Situation: SCEA's Rob Dyer Speaks [05.21.10]
Cliff Bleszinski: Creativity, Design, and Reality [05.13.10]
Exclusive: Yuji Naka's New Bird [05.05.10]
Brian Reynolds On His Social Transition [05.03.10]
The Elegance Of Metroid: Yoshio Sakamoto Speaks [04.23.10]
Matias Myllyrinne: The Advent Of Alan Wake [04.12.10]
Tense Questions: David Cage On Heavy Rain [03.26.10]
The Mind And Heart Of Final Fantasy XIII [03.22.10]
A Distinct Vision: Nick Earl And Visceral Games [02.22.10]
Ten Vicious Years: A Retrospective Interview [02.19.10]
The Art Of International Technical Collaboration At Square Enix [02.17.10]
Two Halves, Together: Patrick Gilmore On Double Helix [02.08.10]
The Road To Hell: The Creative Direction of Dante's Inferno [02.05.10]
Developers React: The iPad's Future [01.29.10]
Back In Space: BioWare On Mass Effect 2 [01.25.10]
American In China: McGee On Making It Work In Shanghai [01.22.10]
The Game Master On Then And Now [01.15.10]
Leave 'Em In The Dust: CCP Asia On Chinese Collaboration [01.04.10]
Gamasutra's Best Of 2009 [12.24.09]
The Ways Of A Monster Hunter [11.23.09]
Upping The Craft: Susan O'Connor On Games Writing [11.20.09]
The Tiger And The Spider: From AAA To App Store [11.11.09]
Gamasutra Versus Capcom: The Tatsunoko Interview [11.09.09]
Building Social Success: Zynga's Perspective [11.04.09]
EA Takes Japan: An Interview With Rex Ishibashi [10.16.09]
The Man At The Center Of Microsoft's First Party Strategy [10.06.09]
The Complexities Of Launching Aion [10.01.09]
Making Shadow Complex: Donald Mustard Speaks [08.28.09]
Playfish: The Social Gaming Provocateurs [08.24.09]
Vital Game Narrative: A Conversation With Rhianna Pratchett [08.07.09]
The Mouse That Gamed: Graham Hopper Talks Disney's Video Game Strategy [07.27.09]
Ken Levine on Studio Culture: From Looking Glass to 2K Boston [07.17.09]
Lighting The Ignition: Jumping From Niche to Triple-A? [07.13.09]
The Facebook Doctrine: Gaming And The Future [07.10.09]
The Formation And Evolution of CyberConnect2 [07.03.09]
Leading The Design of APB [06.26.09]
A Meaningful Collaboration: The Eidos And Square Enix Interview [06.12.09]
Think Like Takahashi: Noby, Katamari, Creativity, And Carpet [05.29.09]
Development Lessons From Killzone 2: An Interview [05.08.09]
Peter Molyneux: The Essence of Interaction [05.01.09]
A Convoluted Conversation With Martin Hollis [04.27.09]
Catching Up With PlayStation: Peter Dille On Sony In 2009 [04.21.09]
The Art of Balance: Pokémon's Masuda on Complexity and Simplicity [04.03.09]
Experiments and Innovations: The EA Approach [03.04.09]
The Thoughtful Design of LocoRoco: Tsutomu Kouno Speaks [03.02.09]
Dodging, Striking, Winning: The Arc System Works Interview [01.13.09]
Gamasutra's Best Of 2008 [12.31.08]
The Technology of F.E.A.R. 2: An Interview on Engine and AI Development [12.19.08]
Gamasutra's Top 20 Trends of 2008 [12.17.08]
A Global Phenomenon: Andersson and Judd on Capcom/GRIN's Bionic Commando [12.05.08]
The Rhythm of Creation: Hiroyuki Kotani and Patapon [12.04.08]
Reawakening The Sleeping Giant: The Pac-Man CE Interview [12.01.08]
More Than Just Lips: Keiichi Yano On Music Game Innovation [11.21.08]
Peeking Inside Insomniac: A Conversation With Ted Price [11.14.08]
Team Ninja: Ready For More [11.03.08]
Peter Molyneux: Fable II, From Conception To Reality [10.27.08]
New Tricks: Scott Blackwood Talks Skate And Skate 2 [10.17.08]
GameStop in 2008: The Mega-Interview [09.19.08]
New, Better, More: Epic's Approach to Gears of War 2 [08.29.08]
Building Believable Worlds: Yannis Mallat On Production At Ubisoft [08.18.08]
Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5's Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview [08.15.08]
He Is 8-Bit: Capcom's Hironobu Takeshita Speaks [08.04.08]
Life In Vegas: Surreal's Alan Patmore On Open World Innovation [06.23.08]
Catching Up With Gearbox's Randy Pitchford [06.13.08]
Living On The Edge: DICE's Owen O'Brien Speaks [06.06.08]
Bungie In 2008: Reflecting On Halo 3, Moving Beyond [06.02.08]
A New Future Under EA: Ray Muzyka Charts BioWare's Future [05.19.08]
Interview: High Impact's Lesley Matheson On New Studios, Tech, And More [05.16.08]
Yoshiki Okamoto: Japan's Game Maverick Speaks [05.02.08]
Ken Levine on BioShock's Narrative Drive [04.25.08]
Digital Bruckheimer: Cameron Brown On Mercenaries 2 [04.17.08]
Moving The Industry Forward: Peter Molyneux Speaks [04.07.08]
EA Goes Free-To-Play: Battlefield Heroes' Producer Speaks [03.31.08]
A Coalition Of Developers [03.17.08]
Designing Filmic Games: Paul O'Connor And The Bourne Conspiracy [03.14.08]
Connecting Communities, Redefining Xbox Live: Chris Satchell On XNA [03.07.08]
Expressing The Future: Tetsuya Mizuguchi [02.15.08]
Navigating A Crossroads: David Jaffe Talks [01.25.08]
Evolving Disney: Graham Hopper Speaks [01.15.08]
Gamasutra's Best Of 2007 [12.31.07]
The Devil Laughs: A Chat With Capcom Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi [12.12.07]
Two Different Soldiers Talk Army of Two [12.07.07]
The Unreal Man: Mark Rein Speaks [11.28.07]
The Development Of A Continuum: Andrey Iones On TimeShift [11.20.07]
Toying With Games: Todd McFarlane On Halo And His MMO [11.12.07]
AMD On Graphics: 360 and Wii GPU Guru Speaks [10.29.07]
Infiltrating Kojima Productions: Ryan Payton Talks Metal Gear Solid 4 [10.15.07]
The Philosophy of a Ninja: Tomonobu Itagaki Speaks [10.01.07]
The View From GameStop's Window: Retail Giant Talks Gaming In 2007 [09.19.07]
Feeling The Elite Beat: Keiichi Yano On Crossing Over [09.14.07]