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April 4, 2020
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Heroes of Might & Magic III: Remembering its development, 15 years later 6
by Gamasutra Community [03.03.14]
"Most of all, I’m proudest of the wonderful team with whom I was privileged to work, many of whom I still remain in contact with fifteen years later."
Console/PC, Programming, Art, Design, Production, History

A holiday project: Use the NES Power Pad on your PC 1
by Gamasutra Community [07.04.13]
For our U.S. readers, why not celebrate the holiday by diving into some nostalgia (and solder, and code) and getting the NES' Power Pad working with your PC, using this guide?
Console/PC, Programming, History

The deep psychology of doors in games Exclusive 5
by Staff [06.10.13]
Psychology suggests doors are more important than we realize. This article deeply examines why, as well as looking at at how games have effectively used them from the 1980s onward.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Exclusive, History

Women in games, circa 1983 12
by Gamasutra Community [05.14.13]
30 years ago, what women were doing serious work in the game industry? This article, dug up and reposted, showcases Roberta Williams (King's Quest) and Janice Hendricks (Joust) among others.
Console/PC, Programming, Design, History

A BASIC interview with Steve Wozniak 8
by Gamasutra Community [05.08.13]
In this previously unreleased interview conducted for the August 2012 issue of Game Developer, the creator of the Apple II reflects on developing BASIC for the platform, and its effect on games.
Console/PC, Programming, History

Indie development in the 1990s: The Game-Maker story 16
by Gamasutra Community [05.07.13]
Well before any of today's tools, 1991's Game-Maker allowed proto-indie developers to get their start -- and this extensive history tells its groundbreaking story.
Indie, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, History

LucasArts' old adventures continue to inspire game developers Exclusive 30
by Staff [04.05.13]
The studio may finally be shuttered, but the games will live on -- and in this feature, developers tell us why they hold the company's classic adventure games so dear.
Console/PC, Design, Exclusive, History

Stanford to digitally archive priceless collection of 15,000 old games 12
by Frank Cifaldi [03.05.13]
Over 15,000 pieces of software from the legendary Stephen M. Cabrinety collection will be digitally archived for researchers and scholars thanks to new funding and a partnership for its gatekeepers at Stanford.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

The untold story of Germany's indie studios 5
by Gamasutra Community [03.04.13]
What the heck is going on in the German indie scene? This comprehensive post from Jana Reinhardt showcases great games and developers, explains the history of the scene, and more.
Indie, Business/Marketing, History

Blog: Making a 50-year-old video game relevant for museum-goers 1
by Staff [01.07.13]
Spacewar! is arguably the first computer game ever made, which makes it primitive by our standards 50 years later. Designer and educator John Sharp details how he helped it make sense for a recently-opened exhibition.
Console/PC, Design, History

Best of 2012: The quest to find out Super Mario Bros.' launch date Exclusive 58
by Staff [12.24.12]
Gamasutra news director Frank Cifaldi went on a mission this year: to find out the U.S. release date for Super Mario Bros. Instead, he came away with some important lessons about video game preservation.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, History

As Nintendo Power shuts its doors, its creators reflect on the old days Exclusive 19
by Frank Cifaldi [12.11.12]
The final issue of Nintendo Power goes on sale today, marking the end of a 24-year legacy. Founding editors Gail Tilden and Howard Phillips reflect on the magazine's humble beginnings, innovations, and philosophies.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, History

The 40 video games being displayed at the Museum of Modern Art 11
by Frank Cifaldi [11.29.12]
New York's The Museum of Modern Art will begin exhibiting interactive games starting in March, with 40 games chosen ranging from 1962's Spacewar! all the way to 2011's Minecraft.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, History

Steve Russell created the first computer game - and the first mod community 2
by Brandon Sheffield [10.05.12]
In SpaceWar!, Steve "Slug" Russell created what is arguably the first true video game. But as John Romero astutely points out in a chat at IndieCade, the game also played host to the first mod community.
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Business/Marketing, History

Nintendo's former 'Fun Club President' wants you to Know-It-All Exclusive 31
by Frank Cifaldi [09.24.12]
Nintendo's former bow tie-adorned spokesman and "Gamemaster" Howard Phillips is back in the spotlight after twenty years, with a mobile game that he hopes will change the way games help us learn forever.
Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Design, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, Student/Education, History

Remembering forgotten experiments in the birth of a genre  
by Staff [09.19.12]
"Many people talked about an unusual magnetism to the game, which even found its way into their real-life dreams." - Chris Stashuk, co-founder of Immercenary developer Five Miles Out
Console/PC, Design, History

Video game inventor demonstrates multimedia 1973 11
by Frank Cifaldi [08.07.12]
Home video game inventor Ralph Baer demonstrates the "All Purpose Box" in this rare video from nearly forty years ago, showing how even in the 1970s, video game consoles were thought to have potential beyond games.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History, Video

How Space Quest's creative duo buried the hatchet after 20 years apart Exclusive 5
by Staff [06.01.12]
The recently-reunited adventure game duo of Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe -- affectionately known as the Two Guys from Andromeda -- tell Gamasutra why they're making games together after 20 years apart.
Console/PC, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, History

How to preserve games for the future? Recreate them Exclusive  
by Staff [05.22.12]
In a new Gamasutra feature, Stanford curator Henry Lowood admits while many games were not adequately preserved, or can never be, recreating data that they need to run is an option.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, History

Gamasutra Classics: The Making of Diablo II Exclusive 5
by Staff [05.11.12]
Twelve months of exhausting crunch: That's what it took for Blizzard North to finally get Diablo II into players' hands, says Erich Schaefer, in a Gamasutra feature postmortem from 2000.
Design, Exclusive, History