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October 23, 2019
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Obituary: Ralph Baer, 'father of video games,' passes away 8
by Kris Graft [12.07.14]
Ralph Baer, a true pioneer of video games, has passed away at the age of 92, Gamasutra can confirm via independent sources close to Baer.
History, Video

'You can't get caught up in making games for yourself' 20
by Christian Nutt [11.17.14]
Enix America existed in the NES and SNES eras before shutting down. Producer Robert Jerauld talks lessons and history in a new interview -- and spills the beans on a Dragon Quest localization that wasn't.
Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing, History

The Internet Archive launches its arcade: Classic games in a browser 5
by Christian Nutt [11.03.14]
The famous archiver of web content has moved into game preservation, offering a huge selection of classic arcade games, now playable in-browser.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

The secret histories of indie games: What was uncovered at IndieCade 2
by Bryant Francis [10.13.14]
In conventional discussions on game history, names like Nolan Bushnell or Hiroshi Yamauchi rise to the top. But in all histories, there are also secret histories.
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing, History

Amnesiac heroes: Why are we abandoning game history? 50
by Gamasutra Community [10.13.14]
"There's a reason why those games are considered classics and people still play them today. I promise that it will be a much more interesting (and cheap) experience than buying the latest AAA release."
Console/PC, History

Video Game History Museum finds permanent home in Texas 4
by Christian Nutt [09.19.14]
With $1 million in funding in pocket, the VGHM moves to Dallas-area city Frisco, Texas as the permanent home of the collection, which has only been exhibited in part and on a traveling basis.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

Stalled engine: The TurboGrafx-16 turns 25 Exclusive 28
by Christian Nutt [09.12.14]
25 years ago, NEC released the video game system that fell first in the 16-bit console wars -- but what an interesting failure it was. The history of the TurboGrafx-16 as told by those who were there.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, History

Mobile phone history: The Nokia 3210 1
by Gamasutra Community [08.21.14]
"The word ‘iconic’ is overused... I can only start sketching out here why the 3210 is a powerful image, and what it might represent."
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing, History

The story of Shadowgate and its reimagining 20
by Gamasutra Community [07.18.14]
This blog takes a look at the classic adventure game -- soon to come back, thanks to Kickstarter -- and offers a tour through the technical and artistic limitations of old hardware.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Production, History

Digital future, invisible past: What lives on when a good game dies? 28
by Gamasutra Community [06.17.14]
"Honestly. I’d love nothing more than to believe that my favorite games of the past few decades will be around for my children and grandchildren to play. But I fear this may be wishful thinking."
Console/PC, Social/Online, Business/Marketing, History

How Germany's video game museum does it 5
by Gamasutra Community [06.13.14]
This Berlin-based museum is "looking to build the 'largest video game archive in the world.'" This blog post gives you a peek inside the oldest video game museum -- opened in 1997.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

Massive Atari archive heads to ICHEG for preservation  
by Christian Nutt [04.22.14]
The National Museum of Play's International Center for the History of Electronic Games has acquired a thousands-strong collection of Atari coin-op materials, stretching from 1972-1999.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

The prehistory of Japanese PC games 1
by Gamasutra Community [03.05.14]
As part of his research writing The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers, John Szczepaniak had this interview, detailing 1980s PC game development, translated.
Console/PC, Production, History

Broderbund founder donates massive collection to ICHEG  
by Christian Nutt [03.03.14]
Doug Carlston, founder of powerhouse 1980s and 1990s PC game publisher Broderbund, has donated games and internal materials to The Strong Museum.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

Heroes of Might & Magic III: Remembering its development, 15 years later 6
by Gamasutra Community [03.03.14]
"Most of all, I’m proudest of the wonderful team with whom I was privileged to work, many of whom I still remain in contact with fifteen years later."
Console/PC, Programming, Art, Design, Production, History

A holiday project: Use the NES Power Pad on your PC 1
by Gamasutra Community [07.04.13]
For our U.S. readers, why not celebrate the holiday by diving into some nostalgia (and solder, and code) and getting the NES' Power Pad working with your PC, using this guide?
Console/PC, Programming, History

The deep psychology of doors in games Exclusive 5
by Staff [06.10.13]
Psychology suggests doors are more important than we realize. This article deeply examines why, as well as looking at at how games have effectively used them from the 1980s onward.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Exclusive, History

Women in games, circa 1983 12
by Gamasutra Community [05.14.13]
30 years ago, what women were doing serious work in the game industry? This article, dug up and reposted, showcases Roberta Williams (King's Quest) and Janice Hendricks (Joust) among others.
Console/PC, Programming, Design, History

A BASIC interview with Steve Wozniak 8
by Gamasutra Community [05.08.13]
In this previously unreleased interview conducted for the August 2012 issue of Game Developer, the creator of the Apple II reflects on developing BASIC for the platform, and its effect on games.
Console/PC, Programming, History

Indie development in the 1990s: The Game-Maker story 16
by Gamasutra Community [05.07.13]
Well before any of today's tools, 1991's Game-Maker allowed proto-indie developers to get their start -- and this extensive history tells its groundbreaking story.
Indie, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, History