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September 29, 2020
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Updates » E3
'Next-gen' isn't just a new console: Emerging trends from E3 2013 Exclusive 9
by Patrick Miller [06.18.13]
While everyone else was focused on the Microsoft-Sony horse race, editor Patrick Miller was paying attention to the Oculus Rift, eSports, and a collection of creator-driven games as the real next gen.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Design, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

From the Editor: Leaving E3 with a sense of hope, optimism 17
by Kris Graft [06.17.13]
Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft isn't as down on this year's E3 as he was last year's. Here are thoughts on cynicism, development talent and letting go.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, E3

GameStop: Our business model isn't hurting publishers 21
by Kris Ligman [06.14.13]
In these extracts from GameStop's Investor Meeting held on June 11th, the brick-and-mortar retailer forwarded the position that its trade-ins and used games sales do not affect publishers.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

Nintendo: Quality games will move the needle for us Exclusive 28
by Christian Nutt [06.14.13]
The Wii U will jump up in 2013 thanks to its big upcoming lineup, says Nintendo's Charlie Scibetta, who says the fact that the company is run by developers and has its own platforms is its strength.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

E3 reports 48,200 in attendance this year, 2014 dates set 2
by Kris Ligman [06.14.13]
With over 48,000 attendees from more than 100 countries, this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo exceeded that of 2012. The ESA has announced 2014's E3 for June 10th-12th.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

E3 wrap-up podcast, hosted by Harmonix's Matt Boch Exclusive  
by Staff [06.14.13]
We were too tired to host the last of our E3 podcasts. So we made Matt Boch, the creative director of the upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved, do it for us.
Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Exclusive, Podcast, Video, E3

Zelda's Aonuma: 'If we don't change we might die.' 39
by Kris Ligman [06.13.13]
Zelda heavyweight Eiji Aonuma advocates for further risk-taking and innovation in Nintendo's development cycle, as it heads into the next console generation.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

World of Tanks teaches Xbox 360 a thing or two about online biz models Exclusive 11
by Kris Graft [06.13.13]
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Editition was quite a surprise at Microsoft's E3 press briefing, mainly because World of Tanks is the antithesis of traditional console video games.
Social/Online, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

Miyamoto, Bleszinski weigh in on used games 97
by Kris Ligman [06.13.13]
As 2013's E3 draws to a close, two of the biggest names in development, Shigeru Miyamoto and Cliff Bleszinski, share their thoughts on what used games mean for the industry.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

Ubisoft digital VP on retail, mobile, and the publisher's role Exclusive 1
by Patrick Miller [06.13.13]
Where does a mega-publisher fit into the present-day digital market? Gamasutra spoke with Ubisoft digital publishing VP Chris Early about the publisher's new role, and their attitude towards retail.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Production, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, Digital Publishing, E3

Horizon shows off new games from Robin Hunicke, Phil Fish 2
by Kris Ligman [06.13.13]
UPDATED Horizon, the E3 counter-conference held this morning at Los Angeles's Museum of Contemporary Art, showed off new and familiar games from the creators of Journey, FEZ and more.
Indie, E3

Double Fine receives Indie Fund backing for two new titles 18
by Kris Ligman [06.13.13]
As announced just moments ago at Horizon, Double Fine will be receiving support from Indie Fund for two new, previously unannounced titles.
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing, E3

'E3 to remember' leaves analysts optimistic about next-gen 19
by Mike Rose [06.13.13]
Analysts have expressed "a renewed confidence in the upcoming [console] cycle" following the various E3 reveals this week, with optimism well and truly on the table.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

With Wii U flagging, Nintendo looks to shore up digital offerings 5
by Kris Ligman [06.12.13]
In a new E3-adjacent analyst briefing held for investors this morning, Nintendo outlined its five-point strategy for improving performance, with emphasis on digital sales and the 3DS.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, E3

EVE Online's VR spinoff shows the value of side projects Exclusive 6
by Kris Graft [06.12.13]
EVE Online developer CCP Games is working with the Oculus Rift VR kit on a project developed by a handful of tinkerers within the studio.
Social/Online, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

Disney Infinity's creators find joy in making playful games Exclusive 8
by Kris Ligman [06.12.13]
Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn doesn't regret backing off from violent games to do something family focused, like the upcoming Disney Infinity. "We want to make games we can play with our kids."
Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

'The Wii U will find its audience' Exclusive 34
by Kris Graft [06.12.13]
Some publishers are scaling back support for Nintendo Wii U due to its anemic sales. But for Ubisoft, continuing to do business on the console just makes sense.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, E3

Google Play's game revenue is picking up speed  
by Mike Rose [06.12.13]
While the iOS App Store is still maintaining a strong lead over the Google Play Android store in terms of game revenue, "astonishing growth" in Asian markets is helping Google Play close the gap more rapidly.
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing, E3

The $60 price tag is just a starting point for next-gen AAA games 31
by Kris Ligman [06.12.13]
Triple-A titles may remain $60 at retail, but the increased emphasis on DLC and in-game transactions means customers are expected to spend nearly $100 on average per game.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Business/Marketing, E3

E3 Podcast #2: DRM, Nintendo, and Oculus Rift Exclusive 6
by Staff [06.12.13]
Kris Graft, Patrick Miller, and Christian Nutt from Gamasutra and Game Developer comment on the first day of E3. We encountered Pokemon, DRM, and VR...
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, Exclusive, Podcast, Video, E3