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December 4, 2020
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Category: Indie

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Posted by Simon Carless on 11/22/20 11:00:00 pm in Indie
Apple has announced the App Store Small Business Program, a major and permanent change to the flat 30% platform cut for apps and games on iOS (and I presume the Mac) App Stores. What does it mean for Apple & other game platforms?

Posted by Josh Bycer on 11/20/20 10:38:00 am in Indie
Game design and videogame criticism is still not as important as one would think, but today's post looks at the role of looking critically at a game and why developers should embrace it.

Posted by Simon Carless on 11/17/20 11:27:00 pm in Indie
What's a fair percentage for no-advance publisher deals? Which games are easily prototypable to a level that publishers will fund them? This - and a number of other notable game discovery stories within...

Posted by Joost van Dongen on 11/17/20 03:35:00 pm in Indie
It took us 2 years to make any money from Ronimo at all, 4 years to earn (almost) minimum wage and 6 years to receive a more decent monthly salary from our own company. During that period we were near bankruptcy twice. Here's why it took so long!

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 11/17/20 01:35:00 pm in Indie
Part one of this two-part article series explores musical approaches to timed challenges in Call of Champions, Hades' Star and Sports Scramble. Includes video examples and in-depth discussion of strategies and contrasting techniques.

Posted by Ryan Sumo on 11/16/20 11:26:00 am in Indie
I share the process Squeaky Wheel used to figure out which mechanics to add to our Early Access game Academia : School Simulator

Posted by Simon Carless on 11/16/20 12:06:00 am in Indie
Data deep dive: game devs, if you have X,000 dollars at the end of Week 1 on Steam, how much do you have after Month 1, or Year 1? Survey results within...

Posted by Simon Carless on 11/13/20 10:03:00 am in Indie
Now that the PlayStation 5 is out in the wild, we all get a chance to check out the brand new PS5 Store for discoverability, navigability, and various other factors. What's it like?

Posted by Andrew Smith on 11/11/20 10:34:00 am in Indie
Strap in, because this is a perfectly-timed and completely open post mortem on the development and release, 2 weeks on, of our Tango Fiesta DLC. Black lives matter, f*** fascists. Goes without saying!

Posted by Josh Bycer on 11/10/20 05:16:00 pm in Indie
We're taking another look at horror design in today's post, and how the genre should be embracing roguelike design, not jumpscares, if it wants to continue to grow.