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February 18, 2019
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February 18, 2019
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Posted by Zach Soares on 02/15/19 12:34:00 am in Art
A blog post explaining some of the foundational voxelart styles in videogames. This applies to general voxelart as well but it serves to build a better understanding for the form in video games.

Recently, a lawmaker in Pennsylvania proposed a law to tax the sale of video games rated M or AO by ESRB at 10%. Can states legally do this?

Posted by Adrian Novell on 02/13/19 12:15:00 pm in Design, Production
This essay introduces a methodology towards designing games that portray a very clear and tangible intent, that are elegant to play and enjoyable to develop.

Posted by Tina (Christine) Merry on 02/13/19 12:14:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production
Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the ability to relate and work effectively across cultures. This blog post discusses how developing CQ can lead to designing and producing better video games.

Posted by Janke van Jaarsveld on 02/13/19 12:14:00 pm in Indie
With so many stories in Fhtagn!, we wanted to make sure that the player would experience ludicrous, action-packed and creepy stories through quality and immersive content. In this post we look at the 5 things we incorporated in our stories to do just that

Posted by Gaurav Singh Bisht on 02/13/19 12:14:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Serious
I recently played Prince of Persia 2008 and here is what I think

Posted by Josh Bycer on 02/12/19 05:34:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Today's post looks at the design of battle royale games, and where I feel there is a critical flaw that could be fixed to improve the longevity of the gameplay.

Posted by Chris McAulay on 02/12/19 12:51:00 pm in Design, Programming, Console/PC, Indie
A look into the programming and development behind management and simulator games. This start by looking at how to jump into the genre, make it flow correctly, and what you will learn along the way.

Posted by Daniel Yawitz on 02/11/19 11:54:00 am in Design, Programming, Production, Indie, VR
The second post in a series that chronicles the development of Thunderballs VR by Megafauna

Posted by Peter Wingaard Meldahl on 02/11/19 11:52:00 am in Design, Programming, Indie
There are those in life who are just way better than others at making people do what they want. But how to express this in games? Resources and influence are the core of Mesmer. I will go into the process of swaying individuals today.