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November 15, 2018
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  Video: Saints Row: The Third and designing over the top
image Volition's Scott Phillips discusses the initial tonal and creative boundaries for Saint's Row: The Third and explains the processes used to iterate and improve on the game.
  Sony will not be present at E3 2019
image Sony Interactive Entertainment will not be present during E3 2019, choosing to pull PlayStation from the annual trade show and focus on looking for "inventive opportunities to engage the community."
  Optimization techniques for developing new NES games in the modern age
image Morphcat Games, a studio that develops new NES games for the retro console, released an interesting video discussing optimization techniques used for its upcoming NES platformer Micro Mages.
  GTA, Call of Duty, and FIFA claim the top 5 best-selling PS4 games of all time
image PlayStation has assembled a round-up of some game and console milestones to mark the 5th anniversary of the PlayStation 4’s 2013 launch.
  Get a job: Nexon M is hiring a Software Engineer
image Nexon M is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to be responsible for all aspects of developing, implementing, and evangelizing technology initiatives within the company.
  Tune in to The Strong Museum's women in games panel tonight at 6 PM EST
image The Strong Museum is live streaming its Women in Games: Inspire! panel November 15 at 6 PM EST
  Despite China's game freeze, mobile game revenue is still on the rise at Tencent
image Tencent’s game business saw a rise in mobile game revenue during the third quarter of the company’s fiscal year, though PC game revenue fell by 15 percent during that same period.
3 Don't Miss: A look back at the development of Choice Provisions' Bit. Trip Beat
image In this 2009 postmortem, Gaijin Games' (now Choice Provisions) Alex Neuse looks at the creation of abstract action game Bit. Trip Beat, detailing what went right and wrong during the game's development.
  Magic Leap is offering grants of up to $500,000 to AR devs
image Magic Leap has announced what calls the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program, an initiative that aims to provide devs cash and resources for their AR projects
  Blog: Making a new conversation UI for Restless
image An analysis of the UI and text effects in Restless. Explores factors to be considered when creating new UI, as well as ways to create a positive reading experience using text effects.
  Deconstruct what makes top mobile games tick at GDC 2019
image How do popular mobile games rise to the top, and how can you help your own do the same? Find out at GDC 2019, which will host insightful talks from the Deconstructor of Fun folks and other experts.
  Engagement is the lifeblood of online games, says Overwatch producer
image What the most important aspect of developing an online game right now? According to Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny, the answer is player engagement.
  Discord's digital storefront now supports early access games
image The community chat app Discord is bringing an early access program to its recently-launched digital game storefront.
2 Blog: A checklist for creating better game settings options
image Because our games don't always get the in-depth testing we require, menus and settings often don't get a proper review. This handy checklist should help ensure your menu covers all the basics.
  THQ Nordic acquires rights to Expeditions franchise
image THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to the Expeditions franchise, and has begun work on a third game with series creator Logic Artists.
  Telltale games delisted from Steam as studio begins liquidation process
image Game series including Jurassic Park, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future have all been delisted on Steam.
2 Blog: The risks of making safe games
image Today's post looks at how the bar continues to be raised for design and aesthetics, and what that means for working on the next "big hit."
  Two years on, Overwatch's producers talk toxicity, crunch, and live game dev
image Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny and producer Nicole Gillet discuss the Blizzard philosophy when developing a live game that remains a runaway success.
  Video: How Bound creates emotion through ballet
image In this GDC 2017 session, Plastic's Michal Staniszewski discusses Bound, a game that features a contemporary dancer in a procedural world inspired by demoscene and modern art movements. 
  Watch Question's Jordan Thomas and Michael Kelly discuss The Blackout Club
image Jordan Thomas and Michael Kelly, two triple-A industry veterans, drop by the GDC Twitch channel to discuss the production and design of The Blackout Club.
  EA brings in original Command & Conquer devs to help with remasters
image Electronic Arts confirmed it will be remastering the original Command & Conquer and its sequel Red Alert in 4K, with all expansions to be included as well. 
  Get a job: Choices dev Pixelberry Studios is hiring a Senior Software Engineer
image The Pixelberry Studios team in Mountain View, California is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to play a part in architecting new features, troubleshooting issues, and more.
2 Don't Miss: Greater accessibility through audio in Killer Instinct
image "A main directive was to make sure each character/game mode was identifiable enough that someone would be able to tell what was going on even if they weren't in the same room that the game was being played in."
  China's ongoing game license freeze prompts decline in market forecast
image The market analysis firm Niko Partners has adjusted its 2018 forecast for PC and mobile game revenue in China, dropping those predictions by 3.8 percent and 2.4 percent respectively.
1 The unusual story behind Space Harrier's vibrant color palette
image Space Harrier designer Yu Suzuki recalls the story of the intentionally-triggered bug that ultimately gave birth to the colorful skies in the 1985 fantasy arcade game.

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2 The Risks of Making Safe Games
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Today's post looks at how the bar continues to be raised for design and aesthetics, and what that...
  Restless – Making A New Conversation UI
by Florencia Minuzzi
An analysis of the UI and text effects in Restless. Explores factors to be considered when creating...
  VR for the Game Music Composer: Audio for VR Platforms
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arrowPress Releases
A Different Approach To Difficulty
image Critiquing several common approaches to difficulty design, Alex Vu suggests an alternate strategy to keep players hooked while minimizing frustration.
9 Things I Learned About Game Jams As An Outsider
image Nida Ahmad offers a non-developer's perspective on game jams, emphasizing structural factors that newcomer designers might otherwise overlook.
Game Design Challenge: Just In Time
image Can you design a game that features time travel as a central gameplay mechanic? Put your skills to the test in our latest Game Design Challenge!
Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
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Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
Sunrisez Entertainment
Sunrisez Entertainment We are specialized in providing digital art services to the video game and animation industries.
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More Game art provider, focus on character animation, let's "animate your game" :-)
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Mad Marker Studios

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